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Open Type Compressor
Semi Hermetic Bitzer Screw Compressor
Semi Hermetic Bitzer Screw Compressor


The BITZER ECOLINE series is the most universal compressor in the range of semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors. It combines high efficiency, a wide range of applications, flexibility in refrigerant selection, smooth running, solid design and high reliability.


  • Low GWP
  • HFO blend
  • Capacity range
  • Standard
    • 7 housing sizes
    • 27 models
      • 4.06 m³/h .. 221.0 m³/h
  • Tandem
    • 5 housing sizes
    • 20 models
      • 22.7 m³/h .. 303.2 m³/h



  • CE
  • EAC
  • UL



  • Low temperature
  • Medium temperature
  • Air conditioning


Industry sectors

  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Heat pump
  • Marine
  • Process cooling

Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compressor
Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compressor


BITZER is raising the bar in terms of technology and capacity for expanded low temperature applications with the 2nd generation of 2-stage compressors. This series is the result of extensive research on the basis of years of experience in the construction of highly efficient and solid reciprocating compressors. The gas flow control and working valves are specially adapted for low temperature applications.

Technical Features

Short gas channels Minimal space requirements
  • Generously sized intake connection
  • Minimal heat exchange
  • Extremely compact dimensions
Stable valve plate design Low noise and vibration levels
  • Valves made of impact-resistant valve spring steel
  • The 4- and 6-cylinder designs with optimised mass compensation run particularly smoothly
Wear-resistant drive gear High cooling capacity and minimal energy requirements
  • Surface-hardened eccentric shaft and crankshaft
  • Closed main bearing and generously sized oil pump
  • Patented oil return system
  • Low-friction bearing and aluminium piston
  • Highly efficient working valves
  • Minimal clearance volume
  • Efficient, large-volume motor
Semi Hermetic Bitzer Two Stage Compressor
Semi Hermetic Bitzer Two Stage Compressor
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